Jul 10

No Fear in Love Campaign

Written by Karen Bontrager

The purpose of this website is to gain insight and understanding- to start building meaningful and insightful dialog about the promotion of healthy relationships ( i.e. intimate partner) amongst 16-24-year olds.

With this goal in mind, I have set out on this most important journey. In an effort to understand the complexities of the ‘teen and young adult experience and dynamic’ more clearly, I have chosen to research this topic in depth. Another essential component to this project is raising awareness and advocacy efforts. My desire is that the valuable information gleaned in this journey will be used, so that some innocent, teen or young adult, 16-24, will never have to experience the scourge of dating abuse in their intimate partnerships.

This road race event is inspired by my resolve to use my talents and voice to rid this planet of domestic violence, but is part of a three-year dream to make people aware, especially teenagers and young adults, age 16-24, about the importance of making wise, healthy decisions in intimate partner relationships. My objective is that it will have a powerful impact upon the Spokane and surrounding community  — sobering teenagers and young adults to wake up and demand more out of life, rising above any and all negatives or avoiding them altogether.